Caring for Your Skin Under a Face Mask

To stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, we’re all doing our part by wearing face masks. Masks effectively block viral particles, but they can also clog your pores. If breakouts, rashes, and dry skin are part of your mask experience, we have some tips for setting things right. Wear a mask, but not at… Read More »

How to Erase Tummy Tuck Scars

A tummy tuck is one of the best ways to tighten and shape the tummy, but accomplishing this dramatic transformation requires the doctor to create incisions across the lower abdomen. Wherever there are incisions, scars can result. Scarring after a tummy tuck is inevitable, but there are ways to minimize the appearance of scarring and… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Implant Profile?

Breast augmentation is a hugely popular procedure, and it’s also highly customized. In your consultation, you’ll make choices about the size, shape, position, and type of implant for the best fit with your body and goals. One of the lesser-known decisions you’ll make will be around the implant profile. Implant profile is different from size… Read More »

3 Body Contouring Procedures to Transform Your Shape Before Summer

Are you looking to enhance your body contours for a more alluring shape this summer? To trim areas of diet- and exercise-resistant fat? To add curves where they’re lacking? If so, here are three popular cosmetic procedures that might give you just the changes you’re seeking. Liposuction We know how hard it is to keep… Read More »

New & Improved: Facelifts Throughout the Years

Facelifts today are better than ever. Modern techniques help surgeons to create natural-looking results without the telltale signs of plastic surgery. Forget about the frozen, windblown facelifts from your grandma’s day and enjoy taut, youthful contours, and ageless beauty.  To truly appreciate the artistry of a modern facelift, you must look to the past and… Read More »