Fat Grafting

Free fat grafting is intended to improve the appearance of many different areas of the body that lack subcutaneous tissue fullness. Although fat grafting has become very popular in the last several years for various breast and facial applications,  it has been generally performed for decades with recognized success. Improving techniques and increasing experience, has lead to even better graft survival, and therefore, outcome predictability.  Unfortunately, many insurance providers continue to consider fat grafting as “investigational,” and will not offer coverage even for reconstructive cases.

fat-graftingWhat to Expect

There can be flexibility in the anesthetic choices depending on the unique patient needs and extent of areas to be treated.

Incisions are usually similar to those performed for liposuction/lipoplasty and often smaller.

All patients: Compression garments are worn for one month full time and two weeks, half time.

Fat Grafting | Post-Surgery Care

All patients are evaluated no later than the day after surgery. Postoperative care and recovery is again discussed in great detail. Care of the operative are is detailed in the written and verbal instructions. Phone calls are encouraged if there is need of clarification. There should be no heavy lifting, strenuous activity or “straining” for two more weeks. Return to work or other more specific activities should be addressed with the physician/nurse since there can be a high degree of variability in demand and a plan can often be developed to enable you to return to more normal activity faster.

Fat Grafting | Results

Results can be long term but certainly are impacted by weight loss/gain, environmental factors and the natural aging process.

Fat Grafting in Birmingham, AL: Your Questions Answered


Is Fat Grafting Permanent?

Fat grafting is one of the longest-lasting options for restoring volume and shaping areas of the body. It lasts much longer than dermal fillers. Many patients enjoy near-permanent results and never need another fat grafting treatment. During the recovery period, not all the initially transplanted fat cells will survive. These initial losses are normal. After you’ve healed, the remaining fat typically lasts long-term.

How Will Weight Fluctuations Change My Results?

The number of fat cells in your body remains largely stable throughout adulthood. When you gain or lose weight, the size of your fat cells change as they grow or shrink to accommodate changing fat levels. The transferred fat from fat grafting acts like fat cells in other areas of the body. If your weight fluctuates, your results can, too. We recommend maintaining a stable weight after treatment, so your results remain at their best.

I’m Thin. Can I Still Receive Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting requires you to have an adequate amount of fat in the donor area. Dr. Clinton and Dr. Pearce extract the fat using a similar procedure to liposuction. Don’t worry, most of our patients have plenty to use for the procedure. If you are very thin, you may not be a good candidate, but come in for a consultation first and let Dr. Clinton or Dr. Pearce help you explore options. If fat grafting isn’t a good fit, we can help you find other ways to achieve the body you desire.

Will Dr. Clinton or Dr. Pearce Use My Fat for This Procedure?

Fat grafting uses fat from your body, not fat harvested from someone else. We extract the fat on the day of your procedure, clean and prepare it, and implant it into a new area all on the same day.

Is Fat Grafting in Birmingham Painful?

We want our patients to enjoy a comfortable and rest-filled recovery. Dr. Clinton and our team will teach you about your options for managing post-surgery discomfort. You may need prescription pain medicine for a few days after surgery. Over-the-counter drugs can also be highly effective. We’ll advise you on which options are safe to use after surgery.

How Much Does Fat Grafting Cost in Birmingham, AL?

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