No More Turkey Neck with Kybella®

Were there too many turkey necks at your Thanksgiving table? Unfortunately, sagging and drooping are a common part of getting older. Many men and women develop the dreaded turkey neck, a festive term describing loose skin and fat under the chin. If you have excess fat under the chin, ask us about Kybella®. This minimally… Read More »

Double Chin Dilemma: Your Guide to Kybella®

Do you have a double chin? That pesky fat under the chin can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to lose and often develops even when you’re at a healthy weight. If you have a double chin, ask us about Kybella®. This revolutionary injectable treatment can eliminate excess fat under the chin without surgery. Call… Read More »

Take Better Selfies Courtesy of Kybella®

Do you love documenting special events with a selfie? Good for you! Did you know that individuals who take selfies feel more confident about themselves, particularly if they garner considerable number of likes and receive flattering comments from friends and family? However, if your double chin is keeping you from looking your very best in… Read More »